How It Works

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Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Sam Savage, the open SIPmath Standard communicates uncertainties as actionable data. This turns decision making into a process we call Chancification and ushers in a new approach to risk management in which risks and opportunities are rolled up like numbers in an accounting system.

For the prototype we used blockchain transactions to generate probability distributions that power interactive simulations, time-series forecasts, and trading bots. Small packets of chance-data are generated that represent the shape and relationships of cryptocurrency transactions like price changes. Try our example dApp. 1) Connect your crypto wallet 2) Chance-data scenarios will be generated and published (IPFS and GunDB) for your portfolio of tokens. 3) The demo dApp 'hydrates' (unpacks) and visualizes the chance of hitting various price thresholds.

Chance as a Service

Chance of XYZ is a platform for creating SIPMath libraries that represent the uncertainties found in cryptocurrency portfolios and delivering that to apps that want to shine a light on the risks of token price movements.


Because knowing the risks of token price movements is a critical part of the crypto ecosystem, and because the risks of token price movements are not always obvious to the average investor. When people are aware of the risks of token price movements, they are more likely to take action.